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"CBD oil saved my life"

Recently we have joined into the CBD conversation, and after some extensive research into both the scientific and the consumer CBD community, the results are overwhelmingly positive while simultaneously being equally confusing for consumers. There is strong scientific evidence supporting the benefits of CBD oil, with more science being published regularly, so it appears CBD is here to stay. But that is not without looming questions.

cbd oil for arthritis

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential both orally and topically.

CBD oil, (also known as Cannabidiol) is one of many (thousands) oil-based components found in the hemp plant. The ingredient has for a long time received a great deal of mixed press due to THC, which holds a  close relationship to CBD. Like THC, CBD is also extracted from the marijuana sativa plant but is in form and function an entirely different oil compound. Currently, the legal status of CBD is in the air in most U.S. states without much clarification. It currently stands to be legal for distribution under the context that CBD is extracted only from industrial Hemp that has been proven to be free & clear of any THC compounds, some states are challenging this while others are turning a cheek.

There is still much to be researched in way of this new holistic trend, but it appears the research is legit. The good news for us CBD supporters is that more research is being done, lending more efficacy to the health claims that come with it, ultimately pushing the needle in the right direction. Now if we can only relay this message to our lawmakers.

According to Forbes It appears that Sen. Mitch McConnell is pushing for full hemp legalization in the U.S. — which on the surface seems like CBD a positive step, but also leads to speculation. Politicians are gonna politicize any position they can gain traction with, but does the Senators motive leave us with nothing but empty promises in lieu of young voters support? If there is a snake in the garden, that is still to be determined; but at the moment all roads steer to CBD is coming, and we better start educating ourselves. 

In regards to the massive amounts of label claims we are seeing pop up on these small CBD brands, the consumer market is starting to take a turn to more experimentation of these once taboo natural remedies. Studies show that CBD oil provides a great reduction in pain-related inflammation, which by relation supports a wide array of ailments derived from inflammation ranging from fibromyalgiaarthritis, to even depression.

When asking about the efficacy and current legal status of CBD oil, one Facebook CBD educational group user stated that "There is no denying it, that taking CBD helps people ease their pain, I would even go as far to say that it has saved my life from experiencing daily pain." — she went on to say when being asked about its legality "The language is technical, but I think it is legal and I hope we can further bring exposure and scientific evidence supporting the legal status of CBD."

What would be an article without a shameless plug?

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