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EXCLUSIVE: Komega6 to Launch new Bath Salts on Zulily

bath salts essential oils product launch zulily

Today Komega6 is set to launch their new single serve 4oz bath salts featuring therapeutic levels of essential oils for a relaxing and muscle soothing bathing experience. 

for this week only, Zulily will exclusively have the salts on sale accompanied in kits of various Komega6 topical essential oil blends.


be sure to take advantage of the deal here.

Remeber, Zulily is a members only platform. In order to take advantage of deepened discounts you will have to become a member, it only takes an email and password to open up a whole world of discounted shopping!


New Salts -


4oz, single serve Himalayan bath salts featuring Peppermint for a minty muscle relaxation and therapeutic body cleansing.



4oz, single serve Himalayan bath salts featuring Lavender for a floral total body relaxation to help lull you into a calm and sedated like state. 



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