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Komega6 Launches new CBD line on Indiegogo

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Komega6, a holistic health startup out of Bryan, Tx has been in business for a little over 3 years. Unique from other CBD and essential oil brands, Komega6 opts to buck the trend by marketing a blended essential oil formula combined with CBD for an array of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, aromatherapeutic topical uses. Marketed, as an on-the-go, roll-on topical application, different from commonly seen stand-alone oils primarily used for distillation and consumption amongst the shelves at health and wellness, grocery stores.


Originally a passion project, the founder of Komega6 began growing herbs and fiber-rich plants in his vegetable garden to experiment with their components. He began to distill and cold press his herbs and fibers to cultivate raw oils. He would mix his essential oils with different carrier oils and give them out to friends and family to try, after receiving incredible feedback from users of the oil concoctions he decided to take a more close look at the health and beauty business, especially essential oils.  That is where the concept of Komega6 began.

Since then, Founder Kevin Griste and Co-owner Taylor Knox have seen the brands' sales momentum steadily grow on large online retailers such as Amazon, Zulily, Groupon & — but this growth has led to some growing pains. "We have received great feedback from our customers about our oils, and the general message has been mostly positive, we have a great product concept on our hands by providing customers with all-natural essential oils in a topical application, but given the feedback, we feel the products needed some revisions, and I think we have really hit the nail on the head with this new product line with the inclusion of CBD oil", says Komega6 co-owner and CMO, Taylor Knox.

cbd oil funded on indiegogo

He then goes on to explain "We have managed to generate sales and maintain stable business these past few years, but our raw material and component order volumes have been minimal; cutting our margins of profitability pretty slim." This week Komega6 launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in support of its new line of on-the-go topically applied holistic oil blends featuring all natural essential oils, argan oil and CBD (Cannabidiol from hemp seed oil) to make up the topical aspect of the carrier blend. The crowdfunding campaign features a host of backers perks ranging from $20 for a single bottle of choice scent, to even $1000 for a lifetime supply; allotting backers to take advantage of deep discounts on the new line of topically applied oils in the form of pre-sales, even including some freebies of their recently launched Bath Ice line that is selling off cyber shelves.

with backers support, and funding goal reached, Komega6 expects to begin shipment of the new line of essential oils by November 2018.

To view crowdfunding campaign visit their Indiegogo

or view the new launches landing page by visiting

komega6 topical essential oil blends with CBD 


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