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Mediterranean Bath Salt Variety Scent Kit

Mediterranean Bath Salt Variety Scent Kit

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A box set including 4 soothing Mediterranean Bath Salt scents. Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating bath with these potent yet understated bath scents.


Sea Salt is a natural exfoliant and detoxifier that, because of its beneficial trace minerals, also hydrates and softens the skin. It is an anti-inflammatory that cleanses and helps clean our pores plus can help balance your oil production. It also helps with stimulating proper circulation and reduces fluid retention.


Epsom salt is great for your muscles and your nerves thanks to the magnesium in it. Adding it to your bath can relax and ease sore muscles, also exfoliates the skin, and can help with your sleep. It helps the body detox and the sulfate helps get rid of toxins.

So we decided why not get the best of both types of salt by blending them together with a splash of essential oils allowing us to offer a variety of unique and revitalizing scents. All combined, we have what we refer to as Komega6 Bath Ice, aka Bath Salts.


Introducing our first four scents of Komega6 Bath Ice.


* Citrus Bliss

* Lavender Dream

* Tropical Breeze

* Minty Freshness

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