Natural Topical Carrier Oil Blends
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Our Story


Originally as a little science project. 2 Guys fresh from departing major roles at a well known & highly respected company in the dietary supplement industry. The founders fell in love with the concept of topically applied essential oil blends while visiting a small town farmer, deep in the south of Texas. The farmer was growing large rows of crops of this relatively unknown plant called kenaf. The discovery of this extraordinary plant became the backbone of things to come.


Carrier oil or blending oil is an additive that is mixed with potent essential oils and allows oils to be evenly and safely transfered to the skin. The main carrier oil we use today in every Komega6 pre mixed blend comes from a special plant called Kenaf. Kenaf was an interesting new find for Jerry and Kevin, it is grown almost exclusively as a renewable, eco-friendly alternative for construction materials..  most commonly of which, as a fiber used in car door panels by some large car and truck manufacturers. What was really curious to the guys wasn't the fiber rich crops that were being harvested for car doors. It was the seeds that were being left on the ground & what the farmer did (or didn't do) with the large surplus of unused seeds he collected after his harvest. The charesmatic farmer informed Jerry and Kevin that the seeds from Kenaf have plenty of health benefits although economically, they did not have much monetary value to him. He would usually just end up feeding his animals around the farm ground up Kenaf seed mixed into their food. This really sparked the founders interest, Jerry and Kevin purchased the seeds; and had them sent to a testing facility to be cold pressed into oil and be analyzed by their neighbor, and good friend & soon-to-be graduate student of microbiology at Texas A&M University, Mr. Keaton Adams. After a few weeks of analysis, the results were in. The testing found the oil of these peculiar seeds’ to be incredibly high yielding in quality Omega-6 Fatty Acids, a highly sought after component found in many dietary supplements and cosmetic products due to its benefits of improving skin complexion and also benefiting heart health when being ingested. 


Coming from a background in dietary supplementation & sports nutrition, our founders saw a huge opportunity in Kenaf, & wondered what types of supplemental alternatives they could create with this oil. The guys approached Keaton after he graduated university and together they researched wide ranges of naturally grown & pressed essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy. They set out to create topical fitness oils blended with the pressed Kenaf seed oil. The primary goal was to develop plant based alternatives to performance dietary supplements, but all natural, and with the premise of that these products were not required to be ingested. The team then recruited Taylor Knox; a savvy marketing designer to help develop a sporty look and feel to this new concept to aromatherapy & what followed was the development of our one of a kind Sport Essential Oil formulas.




Every Komega6 sport essential oil blend is pre-blended and ready to apply with the trademarked carrier blend featuring coconut oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil, and kenaf seed oil. This carrier blend called “Carrier Supreme” is intended to deliver an all-natural transport vehicle for topical application and aid the absorption of potent essential oils to the skin for various sport and health related uses, all without the risk of unwanted side effects. 


To ensure quality and potency, Komega6 products go through rigorous testing and uphold many quality redundancies that ensure high quality ingredients that are purposed for maximum efficacy in regards to their marketing efforts. Every ingredient sourced has to have an accompanied certificate of analysis for quality, and is also tested by their in-house quality team before being blended and bottled. The tight-knit team members that make up Komega6 take a meaningful approach to creating not just high quality products, but a brand that has an engaging and positive impact on people’s lives. They find importance in promoting all types of creative engagement by participating in events, supporting and sponsoring athletes, and hosting interesting fitness and wellness related content on the Komega6 website and social media outlets. Komega6 looks to further push the envelope by further developing their topically applied essential oil line and plan to release magnesium roller ball packaging to ease the application of their sport essential oil blends even further. Also look for Komega6 soaps, bath-bombs, shampoos and other related cosmetics, all featuring the Komega6 natural yet sporty spin on aromatherapy essential oils.


Komega6 branded products can be found at many independent health food retail stores, vitamin and supplement retailers as well as online via,, and